With Valentine’s Day coming right up around the corner, most people have grown to be more creative when expressing their love through gifts. Of course, everyone still sends out chocolate heart cakes, handwritten love letters, and the healing mushrooms likes.



But as times are changing, these gift ideas also evolve. While most people might be on the hunt for the next best gift for their loved ones or simply themselves (because #selflove is definitely valid), healing crystals are now usually the standard choice for everyone.


In fact, there’s been a rise in people harnessing healing crystals, especially at the pandemic’s  medicinal mushrooms peak.



Truthfully, these bleak times have exposed the need to nurture healing within us all. It’s not just a trend brought by its stylish nature; rather, people have grown to be more aware of how they can practice self-love and mindfulness in their lives.


And healing crystals can do just that for you.



But exactly why, right? How can a mere inanimate stone hold so much power? Is it really an appropriate gift to show your love?


If you find yourself thinking a lot if these crystal healing properties have any grain of truth, here are just some of the reasons why it’s a thoughtful gift to receive (or give!)


Healing crystals are meant to heal and empower.

Crystal healing is an age-old art usually practiced by shamans, royalty, and energy healers. And while its history is steeped in mysticism, everyone can harness different crystals’ healing prowess for their own benefit now.