This prestigious program is exclusively offered to top-tier luxury travel
agencies, marking it an invitation-only membership initiative. When you
arrange your travels through a certified Four Seasons Advisor, you’re
automatically elevated to the esteemed status of Four Seasons Preferred —
essentially the crème de la crème of VIP treatment. As a Preferred Partner
client, you gain access to exclusive perks and amenities at all Four Seasons
hotels worldwide, making your stay an unparalleled Luxury Travel experience.

While the program caters to everyone seeking luxury accommodations,
accessing these perks independently isn’t an option. Instead, securing a
reservation with Four Seasons Preferred Partner necessitates the involvement
of an authorized travel advisor. Every single Four Seasons property
participates in this coveted program, and what’s more, the cost remains
identical to booking directly through Four Four Seasons Preferred Partner Seasons.

So, what advantages await those who choose to book through Four Seasons
Preferred Partner? Well, the specific benefits may vary depending on the
property. However, in general, you can anticipate:

• Complimentary breakfast for two per room
• A $100 (USD) property credit for room bookings or a $200 (USD)
property credit for suite bookings
• Upgrades to a higher room category
• Additional perks like early check-in and late check-out, subject to
• Potential offers for a Third, Fourth, or Fifth Night Free.
An exceptional aspect of the complimentary breakfast provided through
Preferred Partner is its flexibility. You can dine in the hotel’s restaurant or
indulge in the comfort of your room with in-room dining. Moreover, this
breakfast benefit extends to two guests per room. If you book
accommodations such as a Four Seasons Private Retreat or a multi-bedroom
suite, more guests can enjoy this complimentary perk.

With Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts boasting some of the most opulent
properties worldwide, the Preferred Partner program enhances your stay by
adding significant value at no additional expense. By booking through this
esteemed program, you unlock additional privileges such as hotel credits,
room upgrades, and the cherished complimentary breakfast, alongside other
exclusive benefits tailored to each hotel.

Whether you’re envisioning a memorable celebration or simply seeking a
luxurious retreat, booking through a Four Seasons Preferred Partner travel
advisor ensures you secure the best possible deal.

Four Seasons Preferred Partner Benefits:

● Gain access to special offers that can be combined with the benefits of
Four Seasons Preferred Partner.
● Enjoy exclusive Four Seasons Preferred Partner Benefits at every Four
Seasons Hotel or Resort, including complimentary upgrades, breakfast,
resort credits, early check-in, late check-out, personalized welcome
notes from the General Manager, and additional perks.
● Attain VIP status without any booking fees.
● Benefit from waivers in case of no-show or cancellation outside the free
cancellation window.

Stars Desk is a Four Seasons Preferred Partner. As our valued client,
we’ll elevate your travel experience with special value-added benefits at
all Four Seasons hotels and resorts worldwide when you book with us.