Tree felling Johannesburg can be a dangerous job, if performed by rookies. You need to have the proper knowledge and experience to handle a mighty tree that has transformed into a potential hazard. Trees like that need to be cut down immediately if they start to lean dangerously to a side; they could cause household destruction and even death. And cutting down a tree by not taking the right safety measures could lead to the same problems, that is why it is imperative to address a team of professional tree surgeons to fell the problematic tree for  Tree Felling near me you.

“Safety first”, this is the motto that characterises the most important companies activating in the tree felling Johannesburg field. What professional cutters do first, before actually cutting down the dangerous trees, is to get a good look at the trees they are about to fell. The crown, the trunk, the branches, everything is inspected and analysed. Tree surgeons need to know the exact trajectory of the tree, once cut, to prevent it from falling on a house, car, or in an unwanted location. This phase might last for an hour or so.

Then, the main tree surgeon Johannesburg directs his team to take the required positions to cut down a certain tree. Everybody must be in position to be able to support the cut branches, or to actually cut some of them. There should be mentioned that workers’ positions depend on the tree cutting technique, on the size of the tree, and on the strategy of the main tree surgeon Johannesburg, that is supposed to have analysed all the possibilites, and knows for sure how to cut down the tree in the safest conditions.

A day before cutting down a tree, the person who wants to cut the tree should announce his neighbours that a tree would soon be cut down. This will help them protect their cars and even stay inside while the cutting is performed. This protection method is especially effective, if the tree resides somewhere by the street, and its cutting could affect the pedestrians. The best solution in this case would be to stick some posts to the fence, or put a large announcement directly on the tree. Also, verbal notifications work too.

Regarding the workers’ safety, they need to wear hard hats, protection gloves, glasses, ear protection, boots and chaps. Workers have to be paired to watch each other’s backs; lots of things could happen at work, therefore it is recommended to rely on your colleagues when cutting down a tree. Felling a tree cannot be done by a single person, but only by a team of experienced tree surgeons. Never work alone, not even if the tree seems easy to fell. Also, make sure the chainsaws work fine, because you need to trust your equipment too, not only your colleagues.