1 and 2) Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Ocean

Presumably the most famous amusement parks in Japan are Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Ocean. Tokyo Disneyland is situated more towards kids however Disney Ocean is focused on at the grown-ups and has a nautical topic with the Theme Park in Colorado rides being quicker and more unnerving.

The primary regions at Disney Ocean are a Mediterranean Harbor, Puzzling Island, Mermaid Tidal pond, Bedouin Coast, Lost Stream Delta, Port Disclosure, and American Waterfront. There are additionally lodgings to remain in and liquor is served inside the recreation area. For those with small kids close by, there are a few attractions for themselves and a minding.

3) Laqua

To get wet,, an extraordinary method for killing some time is Laqua, which is found midway in Suidobashi. They have a spa, an entertainment mecca and an eatery and shopping region. The spa is a five story complex with different spas, sauna, bubble kneads and an eating and unwinding region.

4) Yomiuri Land

Yomiuri Land is a huge rambling event congregation in the west edges of Tokyo.

5) Hanayashiki

Hanayashiki, Japan’s most established carnival is toward the rear of Asakusa close to the ROX.

6) FujiQ High country

An extraordinary amusement park for daredevils is FujiQ High country, which has Mount Fuji behind the scenes. Yet, the lines can be as long as an hour and a half and on the off chance that you are going there only for the rides and not the view you may be in an ideal situation visiting one of the neighborhood carnivals like Toshimaen or Yomiuri Land.

7) Widespread Studios

General Studios, situated in Osaka is very nearly a precise duplicate of the Florida Widespread Studios.

8) Toshimaen

Toshimaen is an exceptionally well known carnival situated in Nerima-ward. In summer there is a gigantic pool complex with water slides which is very well known with families and youthful grown-ups.

9) Sanrio Puroland

On the off chance that you have small children, Sanrio Puroland (the home of Hi Kitty) is a decent choice. A few decent rides there incorporate Sanrio Character Boat Ride and a couple of additional tamer rides the children will cherish.

10) Yokohama Cosmoworld

Yokohama Cosmoworld is a truly decent entertainment mecca by the ocean in the port town of Yokohama.