There’s an extravagance I get while paying attention to “Shawty” by Post Myers, Florida local Employs. On one hand, the melodic track, the snappy snare videos porno  sung by R&B’s most sizzling vocalist existing apart from everything else, T-Torment and the free music video-complete with vehicles, gems, VIP appearances, thick alluring females and a pool, fits what is by all accounts the ideal equation for a hit record on the radio, on the graphs, on link music organizations and in the roads nowadays.

Then again, many paying attention to the melody would track down the verses hostile and disparaging to ladies (that incorporates the music video), but every time it’s played on the radio I increase the volume and at whatever point I get the music video on link how about we simply say that it’s “should see television”.

I’ve said before that Hip-Jump, whether it’s elevating, assailant, political, comedic, instant for the dance club, “gangsta”, or “sound erotic entertainment” is extremely alluring. Indeed, even the “counter Hip-Jump” audience will find it damn close to difficult to not tap his feet or bop his head to the beat. Also, on the off chance that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea or even comprehend the verses inside the stanzas of the melody, he’ll have the option to get the words (or possibly have the option to murmur the tune) to the infectious ensembles.

In any case, I’m not an enemy of Hip-Jump audience. I love Hip-Bounce. I’ve forever been somewhat of a deceptively mature person extraordinarily impacted by the 60’s and 70’s R&B/Soul music but my age and quite my very own bit character has been formed from the way of life of Hip-Jump culture and its music. Being that I’m a dedicated devotee of Soul music in which the vast majority of the subjects base on adoration and sentiment, the Hip-Bounce love tune has forever been a #1 of mine. There have been a ton of affection tunes in Hip-Jump obviously the most notable, reported and celebrated one is “I Want Love” by L.L. Cool J.

All things considered, “Shawty” isn’t “I Really want Love”!

L.L. is an expert of the Hip-Jump love tune. Most importantly, as his name demonstrates, Cool J gets a lot of adoration from the women. However, he satisfied their allure and fostered a standing for composing and performing heartfelt, sincere tunes about adoration and connections. The verses to large numbers of L.L’s. affection melodies might have been sung as R&B tunes by Marvin Gaye or Luther Vandross with next to no booking. L.L. knows how to cause the sort of tunes that will to have mass enticement for the women paying little heed to race, age or geology.

Be that as it may, to keep it as far as possible genuine, L.L. has made “love tunes” that are more about desire than adoration “Secondary lounge” (“In my jeep….let’s swing an episode”) quickly rings a bell. Handles’ “Shawty” is more “Rearward sitting arrangement” than “I Want Love”. The melody is fundamentally about a person that is wasting time with another man’s young lady. The relationship is a long way from serious and the verses to the tune subtleties Employs own episodes of crude, uncensored and pure sex…