The Top Branding Companies

To curate the above list, we applied a multifactor analysis. It’s important to note that the company evaluation is done manually, with a particular focus on social aspects like user satisfaction, project management style, as well as their communication and transparency. Furthermore, we looked into the success of each company and the value for money they branding agency provide.

As you will see below, we didn’t only scratch the surface, but we dug deep to ensure you get an unprecedented list of the truly best branding companies for 2020.

The First Stage of Filtering

During our first stage of filtering, we uncover whether the analyzed companies are exclusively dedicated to branding or they are digital marketing agencies that include branding as one of their many International branding agency services.

A dedicated branding agency will provide a team focused on developing a cohesive image for your company that would raise brand awareness and create brand equity.

On the other hand, a digital marketing agency already offers a set of services based on researching, creating interest, and promoting products and services. Think SEO, web design and development, PPC, and SMM. This means they wouldn’t be able to provide the level of dedication needed for branding.

However, a top brand agency should have cross-industry experience. In other words, they should focus on branding but also have marketing and technical expertise in SEO, PPC, content and social media promotion. Branding and marketing techniques need to work in synergy for optimal results since branding is a long game which creates the value that marketing is supposed to extract.

The Type of Branding Agency

The next step is to check if the branding agency in question is good with increasing overall brand awareness or just digital branding. Both general and digital branding have the same goal: to boost brand awareness and build a positive perception that encourages loyalty and advocacy.

The difference here is that digital branding is focused on developing a brand presence in the digital space while overall branding involves activities outside the digital, including print ads, management of sponsorships and partnerships, packaging, and even pricing. If you haven’t already considered hiring a packaging design companies, a graphic design outfit, or a dedicated product design firm, the latter will be a better choice for you.

Once we determine the type of agency, we go on to examine their scope. Different branding companies offer different kinds of strategies based on industry, customer preferences, etc. That being said, knowing the type of branding the agency provides is very important. We examine the services they offer and study how they build brand awareness.