In 1971 military tyrant General Yahiya Khan was the Leader of Pakistan. He had taken over from Ayub Khan who needed to step down. Yet, Yahiya Khan was plagued with hardships. East Pakistan the eastern piece of Pakistan had chosen Sheik Mujibar Rehman and his Awami party to the vast majority of the seats with the outcome that the Awami association turned into the single biggest party in Pakistan and was to be called to shape the public authority at Rawalpindi.

This was utter horror to the lawmakers of West Pakistan drove by ZA Bhutto who supported that the outcomes be scrapped.Unable to choose and in face of a common defiance development in East Pakistan Yahiya on being egged by Bhutto requested a take action against the Awami association and East Pakistan legislators. Shiekh Mujibar was captured and taken to West Pakistan and the Pakistan armed force in the affectionate conviction that Bengalis are weaklings mounted a major attack on the administration of the East Pakistan ideological groups.

The outcome was awful as the Pak armed force did methodical assaults and murders of the populace. Specifically they designated the Hindu people group and in excess of 10 million escaped to India. The thought was to reestablish segment equality with West Pakistan. Yet, this large number of moves failed and an obstruction development initiated by the Mukti Bahini developed with dynamic help from India.

The Indian Head of the state Indira Gandhi exploited the circumstance and like a quick chief, requested the Indian armed force in to East Pakistan after a fruitless air strike by the PAF on Indian air bases in the western district. Why Pakistan mounted an assault in the west will stay a mystery.But maybe they expected to open a front in the west to alleviate strain on their soldiers working in the eastern district.

The eastern order under Gen JS aurora mounted a three pronged intrusion of East Pakistan. The Indian methodology was straightforward. They just avoided the braced post s of the significant towns and met on the capital Dacca. The Flying corps meanwhile killed the PAF (Regardless the PAF had just a unit or two in East Pakistan). A Para drop was affected close to Dacca and exceptionally soon the Pakistan armed force lost the will to battle. This was the pivotal period of the fight as Gen Niazi the GOC in C East Pakistan lost his nerve.In expansion tenacious publicity from the air as flyers promising noteworthy treatment in the event of give up additionally subverted the Pakistan warriors. The fight was in this way lost in the brain and the vaunted Pakistan armed force fell simple prey and lost the will to battle.

In a quick mission enduring only 13 days the Pakistan armed force gave up and 93,000 warriors went into bondage. Looking back the antagonist of the whole episode was ZA Bhutto who egged on Gen Yahiya Khan to go after India as well as capture Sheik Mujib.But the miserable part is that a similar man met his end at the scaffold as a typical criminal when he was hanged a couple of years after the fact by the then Pakistan President General Zia ul haq.

All said and done the loss of the Pakistan armed force in East Pakistan will squeeze them for a long time to come. Maybe they will always remember it and could be one reason for their forceful stances in the west. Yet, history can’t be re-composed nor the occasions reproduced and in this manner the loss of the Pakistan Muslim armed force will prick them long into the future. The freedom of East Pakistan will stay a gigantic triumph for Indian arms.