Creation emanated from the big bang, but is took spirituality to answer the question of the original cause of the big bang. The theory states that in the beginning the was nothing, then there was a big bang and the universe exploded from a point, and kept increasing in size, expending Summit Law away from the central point of the big bang.

Till today, the universe is still expanding away from the point of the big bang. But what is the cause of the big bang? To scientist, this has been a mystery, but spiritualists know that the big bang actually took place when the creation’s words”Let there be Light”was sent out from the Divine realm to the creations. Hence, with the statement from God, a point of light appears at the summit of creations.

In the beginning, there was the divine realm and, outside it, nothing. This has been simply depicted in the Biblical book of Genesis chapter 1. The spirit sparks, flowing like luminous clouds above the creations, was overseen from above- the lowest point of the Divine – by the Summit Law LLP Holy Spirit at the lowest divine anchorage of the Holy Grail. Hence the spirit of God hovered over the deep.

When the Lord said “Let there be light,” through his will a point of light was thrust out of the Divine realm and was anchored outside it. This point of light started expanding and radiating out towards the void.

This was the Big Bang.

From this, the only law governing creation is the Will of God. This will of God is then anchored in the law of radiations, for everything outside of God are nothing but radiations of God that is the result of his will.

The pressure of the bang was unimaginably enormous. Hence, as the radiation pushes outwards, forms precipitate at distances they can bear the pressure of light source.

The continuous expansion was thus a result of radiations getting further and further away from the source, which precipitates cooling off at intervals they can endure the pressure above and yet can go no further down.