Corpus Christi is the site of many working oil rigs, playing a large role in the local economy. While the production of energy and resources is incredibly beneficial, it is equally important for workers to stay safe and protect themselves against potentially dangerous conditions. Oil rigs are complex systems involving combustible materials – therefore, extreme caution must be taken while on-site to avoid any accidents which may put lives in danger as well as halt productivity. Prevention works best: preparing ahead of time with appropriate safety policies and supplies, understanding and adhering to important safety procedures, and ensuring an environment free of potential hazards can all help keep Corpus Christi’s oil rig workers safe from harm.


Every year, workers in the oil and gas industry are injured while on the job. Many of these injuries could have been prevented if proper safety protocol had been followed. It is important to be aware of the dangers of working on an oil rig and to take precautions to avoid injuries. If you are injured while working on an oil rig, it is important to get immediate medical and legal help.