Domestic rats need a lot of attention and care. It is always suggested that you purchase a pet rat for you or your dear or near one from a reputed breeder only.


Where to buy the pet rats?

All responsible and crazy lovers ofdomestic rats must know that it is excellent to purchase the pet rats from a responsible and sensitive breeder directly. There are several reasons for it. The reasons are as  british shorthair follows:

A breeder who owns good number of kittens means baby rats is well trained in making them socialized.

The rats bought from breeders are low on stress because they have been exposed to busy shops at probably much younger age.

Moreover, the chances of catching diseases and illnesses from other types of animals are quiet low.

You will be allowed to see the relatives and parents of the baby rats. This way you can check out whether the kittens are friendly and healthy or not.

A responsible breeder will always provide the owner of the pet rats with some good and recommended tips and advices. The best part is that the breeder will definitely take back the rats in case they are problematic or are not well.

It is better to contact a near by rat club. They will help you to find good and affordable rat breeders. Pet shops are not as reliable and as qualified as breeders. They may or may not have required experience. In case you are going for a pet shop then do not forget to take out complete knowledge about the place from where the shops have bought the rats. A good breeder and a good pet shop always give quality time and attention for socializing and breeding the pet rats.


Rat-Proofing the house!

When the rats are familiar with you and your house, it is recommended that you must keep a track where your pets are roaming inside your house. Rat proof the rooms which are sensitive corners of your domicile. You just need to use your common sense.


Several pet rats odor mark their territory with urine drops. In order to avoid this, place a ‘rat-blanket’ when the rats are out of your home or in the cage.

In order to protect the electrical cords from the tiny teeth of the rats, cover the cords with the aquarium tubes.

When the rats are out, immediately keep the breakables, books, pencils, clothes and precious possessions out from their reach.

Block all the possible and potential escape routes inside your house. You must check out for the cracks between the floor boards and skirting boards and other small holes in the walls or else.