Appliances are used everywhere in the world. From large restaurants to small homes there are millions of appliances being used globally. The use of appliances over the recent years has increased drastically and more people are buying these appliances. As appliances are delicate equipment they require proper maintenance and care. Although precautions are taken while using the appliances but still many times the parts inside the appliance get worn out or damaged due to many reason. These include short circuiting, moisture, dust and other such related things. Sometimes there is a flaw in the machinery which occurred during its manufacture.

In order to help the customers the manufacturers have started producing small appliance parts to overcome the problem of damaged machinery. In some appliances the parts which are most likely to be damaged in case of misuse are packed as spare along with that appliance during manufacturing. Although some companies provide a warranty card with their appliance and provide spare parts to their customer centers. In case of damage to machinery the warranty card is used to get the damaged part of the appliance fixed.

Sometimes problems occur because the machinery is imported and the spare parts are not available in the country. This is a major issue that people face and a leading factor for the disposal of the machinery. In order to solve this problem the best way is to call the company before buying the product and clarify all the details about that product. Ask the company about the customer care centers, the arability of spare parts and how to repair in case of damage to the machinery? Also purchase the spare parts available with the appliance as a precautionary measure. It is preferred not to buy an imported appliance if the spare parts are not available, or the parts are too expensive.