Operational efficiency and a great customer experience underpin all successful utility
businesses. To excel in these areas, utility service providers need a capable billing solution
that is designed for their industry and can be configured to their specific utility billing software requirements.
Automating key processes throughout the meter-to-cash cycle is essential, from meter data
collection right through to receiving payments. Utility retailers must also be able to rapidly
introduce new services that fit household customers’ lifestyles, such time-of-use (TOU) tariffs
or prepaid plans. Meanwhile, your industrial / commercial (I&C) customers need more
complex and customised tariff schemes. Self-service is also fundamental, so that customers
from all segments can pay bills and manage their accounts online or on their mobile devices.
Many utility companies are also recognising the benefits of migrating their billing to Cloudbased services. With software-as-a-service (SAAS), there is no IT infrastructure to district heating billing maintain
or software to upgrade. You benefit from any new functionality as soon as it becomes
available. Pay-as-you-grow licensing models help you run your business operations more
efficiently too, improving the total cost of ownership of business support software and
aligning your billing costs with customer growth.
We have built Skybill Utility Billing to meet the needs of all types of utility company. Skybill is
a fully automated meter-to-cash solution for utilities, which can run your entire business
efficiently in Cloud. Built on and incorporating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,
Skybill fully integrates your ERP and billing operations. As a web-based service, Skybill is
accessible from any device (desktop, tablet, mobile), without installing any software.
(SkyBill Utility Billing manager Dashboard)
Skybill is ideal for utility companies who have outgrown their existing systems (e.g. Access,
Excel, custom-built billing systems), as well as those who are launching as new suppliers in
retail energy markets.
Skybill Utility Billing enables you to:
Bill flexibly for any utility
Optimise your meter-tocash processes
Serve your clients better
❖ Bill for any utility service –
electricity, gas, water, waste
water / sewerage, & district
❖ Support industrial, SME &
residential customers
❖ Launch new tariffs, such as
❖ Improve revenue collection by
offering prepaid plans
❖ Cut operational costs with fully
automated end-to-end billing
processes, from collecting
meter reading to receiving
❖ Eliminate error-prone manual
processes to improve
business efficiency
❖ Scale your customer base
cost-effectively with a pay-asyou-grow SAAS model
❖ Maintain a single view of your
customer information with fully
integrated ERP and billing,
thanks to Skybill’s Microsoft
Dynamics 365 Business
Central foundation
❖ Bring new services to market
more rapidly
❖ Make it easy for customers to
pay their bills and contact you
via the self-service web portal
& mobile app
Key Features
Skybill offers a wealth of features, which can be configured to your individual needs.
Meter Management Microsoft Dynamics Foundation
❖ Manage metering devices (locations, serial
numbers, status, etc.)
❖ Automatically collect meter readings via M-Bus
❖ Alternatively, import meter readings from MDM
systems or Excel spreadsheets
❖ Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business
❖ Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface
❖ Fully integrate your ERP, customer
management and billing using the included
Business Central subscription
Tariffs & Rating Cloud Service
❖ Powerful tariff configurator makes set-up of
even complex tariffs easy
❖ Bill any utility service (electricity, gas, water,
sewerage / waste water, heating)
❖ Supports postpaid and prepaid plans
❖ Apply consumption-based rating, fixed / step
rates, TOU, periodic charges (e.g.
standing/daily rates), discounts
❖ Bill by customer, customer group, or property,
on any periodic basis (e.g. monthly / yearly)
❖ Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) model – we
take care of all the infrastructure, software &
❖ Hosted on our secure data centres in Latvia, or
alternatively in public cloud (AWS, Microsoft
Azure) or private cloud
❖ Access Skybill from anywhere via your desktop,
tablet or mobile phone
❖ On-premises version available on request
Customised Bills & Delivery Sales & Marketing
❖ Bill layouts are customised to your needs, and
include your logo
❖ Combine service addresses in one bill or issue
separate bills for each
❖ Issue bills by hard copy, email, SMS or client
web portal
❖ Quotes for I&C customers
❖ Log all customer interactions
❖ Calculate agent sales commissions
❖ Outlook integration
Customer Web Portal Integration
❖ White-labelled portal can be customised for
your brand (e.g. fonts, logo) and embedded in
your website
❖ Mobile app for customers on the go (Android
available, iOS coming soon)
❖ Clients can view and pay bills, track
consumption, and submit meter readings
❖ Two-way messaging between clients and utility
customer service representatives
❖ Skybill can be integrated with many other
business systems, including ERP, meter
gateway systems (e.g. M-Bus), meter data
management systems, banks/ payment
merchants, SMS / messaging systems
❖ Pre-integrated with popular payment
merchants, such as Stripe, Payzone & PayEasy
(SkyBill Utility Billing client portal)
Why Skybill?
❖ We understand the utility industry and have been developing software solutions for
utility service providers for over 15 years.
❖ We treat every customer individually and customize Skybill to your specific needs.
Whether you serve residential, SME, or I&C customers, and offer just one or several
utility services, we can configure Skybill for your business.
❖ Our experienced team works with you on site (or remotely) to get your business up
and running quickly with Skybill. Greenfield energy suppliers can be ready to bill new
clients within weeks. Our experts are also highly skilled in migrating client data from any
legacy billing systems to Skybill.