Gas hobs are still the most popular choice in the Neff range. We offer a range of finishes with either cast iron or enamelled pan supports. Neff gas hobs are available in six different finishes: black ceramic, black hard glass, stainless steel, white, black and nostalgic steel so there should be an option that matches most kitchen styles. There are six series of Neff gas hobs, ranging from basic functionality to high specification hobs.In the Series 1 range, there is only one gas option. It has all the basic functions needed for cooking on the hob and comes with a stainless steel or enamel base and enamelled pan supports. This hob, like all of the others, comes with Neff’s signature oval controls. These controls are used throughout Neff’s hob and oven range so that they can be easily co-ordinated. The oval controls are designed to be easy to grip and turn, even when your hands are wet. Some, but not all, of the oven knobs are also retractable which means that they can be pushed away when they are not in use so that the front of the oven looks neater and less cluttered. On the stainless steel model, the oval controls are positioned at the side and on the black, brown and white models, dial controls are positioned on the side.The Series 2 range Neff gas hobs offer three options of models, one of which is an extra wide hob and all of which have oval controls. The Series 2 selection comes with all the functionality and basics of the Series 1 models, but has additional features such as the flame safety device, which detects when there is no flame and automatically turns the gas off, making cooking on gas safer.The Series 3 range Neff gas hobs offer seven options of models, of which three are extra wide hobs. Most of these hobs are available with the signature oval controls. The Series 3 selection comes with all the functions that feature in the Series 2 models, but come with a choice of steel, enamel or a tempered- glass base, the flame- failure safety device that features in the Series 2 hobs and also comes with sturdy cast iron pan supports that help to bring a bit of class and distinction to the kitchen. Cast iron is used in professional kitchens because it tends to be tougher and sturdier.The Series 4 range Neff gas hobs offer five options of models, of which three are extra wide hobs. The Series 4 hobs come with the choice of steel or tempered- glass base, cast iron pan supports and flame failure safety devices that feature in the Series 3 range, but the Series 4 hobs also have FlameControl.The Series 5 range Neff gas hobs are high specification models that come with all the functionality of Series 4 but with additional features. Series 5 features a ceramic base, the cast-iron pan supports that also feature in Series 3 and 4, but the Series 5 models also include a timer and flame failure safety device with a curved design full trim. There are four gas options available in the Series 5 range, one of which is an extra wide hob and all feature the oval controls.The Series 6 range has a top end specification and is designed for people who spend a lot of time and care over their cooking. The Series 6 Neff gas hob is available with a steel or ceramic base and the Flametronic system. There are just two gas options available in the Series 6 selection, one of which is an electronic gas hob on ceramic glass.