One of the most common questions which Minecraft players asked that “can we change the world in Minecraft?” Definitely,How Minecraft Mods Can Change Your World Articles it is not easy to answer this question as official, according to Minecraft; you cannot change your Minecraft world once you selected one and start playing the game. If you want to change it, then you have to start playing the from the beginning which I am sure that no player would like at all because it could take the month to reach the desired level of the game. But at the same time, if you Google this question, you will found that there are some Minecraft mods which can help you to change Minecraft world or at least the Minecraft texture so that you can get the feeling of a new  minecraft servers world.

In start when there were very limited number of Minecraft mods and Minecraft textures were available, it was impossible to change Minecraft world due to the concept behind this game. When you first register yourself on Minecraft, you select a world map for your crafting and work on it forever. This concept is set by the company to keep the players engage with the game. This is why they have no included any option to change the map or the world there. Although, if they introduced the option to change the world, then it would be impossible to move the buildings and other things which you have created in your existing minecraft server list map.

Change Minecraft world with the help of mods:
This method will not truly change the Minecraft world except it will add new features, graphics and texture in your existing world map which will give you feeling of a new map. This could be done simply by installing different Minecraft mods. There are graphics mods available which will change the color scheme of the screen for you. Although, if you use the mods which change Minecraft textures, then you will able to get totally new lands there with better colors. These mods have the ability to change color schemes of the core items of the maps including changing character face and improve the quality of graphics etc.

Change Minecraft world with WorldEdit cheat:
WorldEdit allows you to change your world into the flat world or you can say they allow you to move your built into the flat world. For this purpose, you need to download and install WorldEdit. There are many video tutorials available for this method which is actually easy to follow whiles you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to follow the instruction.