The federal and state governments are very concerned about preserving our cultural heritage. For this reason, there are a number of public measures that are designed to provide financial relief to owners of historic buildings or to motivate them to maintain and renovate their listed buildings. You too can secure historic preservation funding or tax benefits schlösser und burgen in deutschland.


We present you different possibilities of the monument protection promotion. This is only an excerpt and not a complete listing of all funding programs. The type and scope as well as the requirements for a historic preservation grant can vary regionally, nationally or even Europe-wide depending on the object. Therefore, there is also per se no guarantee of the approval of a historic preservation grant. But in principle, all options of historic preservation funding make the acquisition and modernization of listed properties as a capital investment very lucrative.


Historic preservation promotionmakes investments in castles, palaces and manor houses very interesting and less risky. Because although listed buildings are historically of inestimable value, renovation effort and costs as well as the official protection requirements can deter potential investors at first. Many old buildings are worth preserving and refurbishing. For this reason, the state offers to participate financially in the structural measures, for example, by means of historic preservation subsidies such as the Monument depreciation