Girls love to polish their nails,but unfortunately the nail polish accidentally slipped from our hand and it spoils our expensively carpet,it can be a big crisis for us. Carpet cleaning is necessary for us. But we don’t want to panic there are many alternative ways to get rid of the nail polish stain from our carpet. We have to deal with this step by step. Observation of the nail polish stain is carpet cleaning compulsory.

Different techniques to get carpets clean;

Before it Dry (Wet Stage):

Cleaning carpet stain of a freshly spilled nail polish,

  •  scoop up the nail polish stain from the carpet by using spoon soon as possible before it gets dried. We have to make sure that once we scoop off the nail polish stain by spoon we have to clean it and scoop the rest of nail polish stains from silky carpet until it stops coming out.
  • Next we have to take a towel or tissue. Wrap the towel or tissue around your couple of fingers and dab the carpet stain. Don’t try to scrub the nail polish stain. It can cause spreading and absorbing deep into the silky carpet. After each dab use the other section of the towel or tissue.
  • Use a cleaner for carpet cleaning. There are different types of cleansers but we have to select the best and apt cleansers for carpet cleaning. Avoid bleach or acetone because it can damage or discoloration on carpets. One of the best cleansers is non- acetone nail polish remover. We can also use rubbing alcohol,hair spray,Getting Rid of Nail Polish Stains From Costly Carpets Articles window cleaner,baking soda and ginger ale, alcohol, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide carpet cleaning columbus etc.

Dip the cotton balls or buds in small amount of cleanser or nail polish remover. Just test on the small section of the carpet to check whether the cleanser helps in removing the nail polish stain or causes any discolouration. If it cause any discoloration change the cleanser to a better one. There are different methods of carpet cleaning using different cleanser

#Using window cleanser:Take some amount of window cleanser in a sponge and rub in a circular motion on stained carpet until stain complete comes out.

#Hair spray:wet the stained position of the carpet with water and then spray 15 times and scrub with a brush. Do it for 3-4 times until the stain disappear.

#Rubbing alcohol:Pour little amount of rubbing alcohol on the nail polish stain and dab with a towel until it goes off and let it dry.

#baking soda and ginger ale:Add some baking soda and then pour some ginger ale on the stain to wet the baking soda. Leave it for 10mints to loosen the stain then scrub in circular motion. And let it dry for some time.

#vinegar: Pour some vinegar on the nail polish stain and leave it for 10mints and dry it.

  • Once we confirm the effective cleanser. Dip the cotton balls or buds in the cleanser and dab gently over the carpet. Don’t pour the cleanser directly into carpet it can cause soaking. Repeat until the stain disappear.