GarageBand is a popular music-making app used by many music artists globally to record, mix, play, and perfect songs. The app was Garagebandpc created to help anyone with an interest in music to be able to create music anytime and anywhere. GarageBand is friendly for both beginners and pros. What’s more, it’s FREE despite being one of the best music creator apps available today. However, there’s one problem. GarageBand was made by Apple Inc. that isn’t interested in changing developer program policies.

In simple terms, you can’t use the app if you don’t have an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or a Mac computer. What’s more, you can’t wait for GarageBand to be available on Android or Windows PC anytime soon. However, it is possible to install GarageBand on your Windows PC. The process is, however, complex. So, how do you get GarageBand working on your Windows PC? We’ve prepared a detailed guide below. If you don’t know how to download GarageBand using Windows, look no further.

Before going through the process of GarageBand for PC download on Windows, it’s advisable to know the main features or what you can do with the app. You can;

 I. Record any song or tune from your device at any time. GarageBand acts as a complete studio packed with presets, voice, and all kinds of instruments (from piano/keyboards and drums to guitars and samplers. The app also has a sound library and external apps).

 II. Record as much music as you want

 III. Add to pre-recorded tunes already available to you

 IV. Get access to 100s of Jazz, Hip Hop, and EDM sounds

 V. Play with the volume, pitch, and density of songs to perfection or desired taste

 VI. Fix autotune or rhythm issues, track and mix music with instruments, put effects such as compression, visual EQ, and more with a simple click.

 VII. Share your music creations on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. by simply tapping a button

 VIII. Use the app in a variety of languages

 IX. Use the app with podcasting software

Now that you have a sneak peek of what GarageBand can do, here’s how to download and install GarageBand on your PC safely and effectively. There are several methods that we’ve tested and proven to work. We’ll discuss all these methods below, but first, ensure you have a PC that can get the job done.

VMware is a cloud computing and virtualization tech company. The company makes software that creates virtual computer systems. Since GarageBand will only run on an Apple device, the goal is to transform your computer into a MAC.

However, your PC’s processor should be up to the task. If you have a PC with an Intel processor (i5 or higher), you can download and run GarageBand with ease using VMware. However, if you have a PC with an AMD processor (RYZEN 7 and above), such PCs may not support virtualization, especially older versions. Recent ones work perfectly. Virtualization is critical for running a virtual-based OS on a Windows PC.

You can check for hardware virtualization support using command prompt.