The Defenders of the Dream Campaign in World of Warcraft is a narrative-driven questline introduced in patch 10.2 the Dragonflight expansion. This campaign revolves around a series of quests and activities that players must complete to progress through the story. The campaign’s content includes exploring new areas, battling unique enemies, and uncovering the lore and secrets of the Dragon Isles and the Emerald  Mythic+ Dream.

The 10.2 Campaign focuses on protecting or restoring the Emerald Dream, a mystical, ethereal dimension that mirrors Azeroth’s natural landscapes and is closely tied to the druidic lore and the Green Dragonflight. Throughout the campaign, you will engage in quests that involve safeguarding the new World Tree from invasion, assisting iconic characters associated with the Dream, and delving into the mysteries and challenges within this realm.

The Defenders of the Dream Campaign includes new mechanics, rewards (like gear, mounts, or achievements), and story developments that deepen the lore of the Dragon Isles and the Emerald Dream.

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Up to 7 chapters of Dragonflight patch 10.2 storyline;
Defenders of the Dream achievement and a Flourishing Whimsydrake for the full campaign completion;
Access to the Emerald Dream world quests;
The seventh type of Dragonriding mounts;
Some Renown with the new 10.2 faction, the Dream Wardens;
All gold, collectibles, gear, and other loot that we get during the boost.