Vision Boards That Manifest

Vision boards are very personal manifestation tools and if done correctly will increase manifestation firstvision intensity and will allow you to live out and experience your goals in physical reality.

The vision board technique is a representation of a goal in picture form. Our mind and awareness is very powerful and will start to search for those images or experiences in our physical environment.

Repetition is key in the manifestation process because your goals become a thought habit. In order to create something new our mind must begin to focus on experiencing the goal with positive expectation and with high vibrational energy as much as possible. Scientifically speaking like energy/matter attracts like energy/matter, so by placing high vibrational energy and expectation around a desire and then thinking about it and looking at it frequently it can be attracted into reality.

Where to begin…

Prioritize what you would like to manifest within the next 6 months. If you have many goals start with the top 3. When there are too many desires the energy is scattered and we want to achieve laser beam focus. Your goals can be physical objects, a vacation, a state of being, a professional achievement, basically anything that brings you joy. Focus on the top 3 that really make you feel excited and alive! We can tell what goals are the most important by the way we feel when we think of them.

Next… Make a decision to be, do, or have that goal! Be as certain as you would be eating dinner! or going to work etc

Then… Time to get extremely specific!

My first vision board was centred on moving out and finding a beautiful place. So I made a list of what I wanted and as if money was not an issue. I listed l the specific things I wanted for example.. A new condo, 5 appliances, luxurious, move in now, amazing view, corner unit, wrap around balcony, floor to ceiling windows, pillars, nice area in the city. List as many details around the goal as you can think of, the more energy and clarity the better.

Next.. purchase a bristol board and take the time to go through many magazines to find images and words that fit with your specific goals. I collected many magazines and then sorted through to find the pictures that fit my exact description. I would advise not to rush through this project. This should be an enjoyable process, you are designing and getting mentally prepared for your goal to be realized. Personally I took about 6 weeks to create my masterpiece and I felt so proud when it was finished and it brought me such joy and excitement to look at it! I placed mine in my room but you can choose an area that suits you, just pick an area where you will see it all of the time.