Welcome to New Jersey Limousine Service. In just a few moments, you will find the perfect vehicle for that special occasion. Your New Jersey Limousine Service has put together special packages for you, with which you can now rent your personal  Eddielimo limousine, the first in many locations around the world, whether you need a limo or from overseas. And a first-class, personalized service you and your guests will be provided with an experienced driver, reliable and multilingual for use around the clock. This service is able to coordinate reliable driver or software change route, even if at the last minute, saving time and bringing you, the client, the destination point.    New Jersey Limousine Service is always eager to ensure your wellbeing and your individual needs. When you rent a limo in New Jersey limo driver can gain valuable time: either by being able to prepare for a meeting during the trip, or by team New Jersey Limousine Service planning and coordination taking a caravan. Driver Service New Jersey has a lot of experience in managing exhibitions and other events, such as ceremonies glamorous weddings, social events, PRM, and other celebrations. Our professional chauffeurs are also pleased to advise and inform you if you need sightseeing or personal shopping tour – will provide insider tips, historical information and personalized itineraries. You are welcome to inform us of any requests or suggestions.      New Jersey Limousine Service provides first class vehicles and skilled drivers – but your opinion matters too. Because when it comes to luxury, there are compromises: each guest is different, everyone has different expectations and desires, and our limousine and chauffeur service, re-adjust each room to make their stay as pleasant as possible . Therefore, our quality control is constantly striving to be at the cutting edge in terms of the needs of our clients. To make this possible and to maintain our high quality New Jersey Limo Service has developed an internal escalation management, whereby each employee can report irregularities. In addition to this, customer satisfaction is measured on a continuous audits by customers are free to complete a questionnaire after each trip and send it to our quality control team.     If on a business trip, on vacation or about to make a special appearance, it is always the case that the New Jersey Limousine Service is run, you are not the driver, and the highest quality standards. New Jersey Limousine Service and high quality are topics close to the heart of New York: from personal experience how attention to detail is important.