There was a time when people used to leave their cars on the streets when it reached the end of its life. You would find these dead cars in remote areas or see defunct motors lying on footpaths. All this used to happen because you had to haul some non functional piece of junk to the other side of the city and then pay for the damn thing to be SCRAP MY CAR dismantled. Dire times those were.The key word here being ‘were’. Now the process has become much more simple and now you get value for the scrap you have provided. There are many new cash-for-scrap businesses available where you can sell your defunct vehicles and get money back on raw materials you have provided. These cars are taken and their parts are recycled for use. As it turns out some people have even managed to get more than half the value they pay for the car at times and get back a good portion of their money back.This has become a fuss free process.In fact there are scrap car consultation firms that collect the scrap from all over the country and supply them to scrap yards. For example there is a car scrapping marketplace called National Scrap Car ,Can The Process Of Scrapping Your Car Be Simple Articles which currently works off tele-booking and internet SELL MY SCRAP CAR booking. It can provide you with a quote for scrap, arrange for collection, with the entire process done in under 10 minutes.The really great part about this is that it offers to make collections free of charge. That means you are paid to give scrap and you even do not have to make any expenditure on transporting the useless scrap to the scrap yard. The free collection itself adds more savings to the process. So you can add the money you have saved on transportation to the money you earn off the scrap and you might be making a great portion of the money you spent back on the vehicle. It is still more than squat that you would be getting for a broken down vehicle. When your car has failed MOT tests on multiple counts it usually means that it will take you a good amount of money to get it back on the road. A better idea for you is to scrap the car and buy a new one. But sometimes it seems that parts of your car are not ready for the scrap yard as of yet. The same people who will scrap your car can salvage these parts from the car and scrap the rest. You can take these parts or they can arrange for willing buyers for these parts. So you can get more money if parts of the car are still in proper condition. This way you might another dime to your returns.So if your car has severely failed its MOT, has been written off by the insurance company in any accident or requires major mechanical revamping which you cannot afford, the best idea is to quickly scrap it and gain back some of the money you invested into it.