FC Barcelona has supporters located around the world, making it one of the best-supported clubs. Added to that is Barcelona proving to be such a hit as a city break destination – it is therefore little wonder that so many visitors reserve Barcelona football tickets in advance. Tickets are available from the official website, although the seats are often spread about and not next to each other. However, official ticket agents offer tickets at a higher price and can supply continuous blocks of tickets for most Football tickets matches.

FC Barcelona was in miserable shape at the beginning of the decade with a loss of confidence that meant that failed to win the trophies they were aiming for – the result was a shrinking fan base that was disillusioned with the club. However, interest in FC Barcelona began to rise again with the appointment of Joan Laporta as club president in 2003 and the subsequent selection of Frank Rijkaard as manager.

While Laporta had promised to bring David Beckham to the club, the English player had other ideas and signed with Barcelona’s arch-rival instead – Real Madrid. In place of Beckham, Laporta’s team of directors brought in Ronaldinho, who stunned fans with his exciting and enthusiastic style of play. Other notable players of the period included Iniesta, Deco and Samuel Eto’o, while Victor Valdes and Carles Puyol remain popular local Tennis tickets lads.

While Ronaldinho’s star began to face, Lionel Messi was on the ascendancy – there was a magic window of time when the pair were both performing fantastically. The young Argentine had been brought up in the club’s youth system and quickly became a hit with fans and remains today one of the best loved Barça players.

One of the enduring images of the celebrations following the 2009 triple – Copa del Rey, Spanish League and Champions League – was that of Messi obviously quite drunk while on an open top bus driving through the city. Who wouldn’t have done so in his position?

Where to buy Barcelona football tickets

Tickets for matches at the Nou Camp are available from the stadium box office, the FC Barcelona website and as Barça shops located in the city centre. They are also available from branches of La Caixa that have ServiCaixa machines installed. However, these tickets are often not seated together.