Search engine optimization is a complex topic with many advantages and disadvantages for businesses to consider. SEO is not good for every company or website, but this article assumes that you have made the decision to give it a try. Well, what else can you think of?

Well, the next question to analyze is whether you should use existing employees, hire new ones, or outsource SEO services to an outside company. I think the most interesting thing about these options is to use your existing users! After all, these are people who are already paying, so why not make more money with the money you’re paying them, right? SEO Nürnberg

In addition, in-house contractors can be very good at car dealerships, and they can do a competent job. However, I would suggest that there is more to it, that there is another point of view that is often overlooked. I am referring to the need to compare the cost/results of the internal campaign with that of the corresponding corporate campaign. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, it’s very simple.

First, we need to consider the resources we have. It is likely that our company wants to achieve good results as soon as possible. If that’s true, then you need to have people on board who can work immediately – there’s no time for a learning curve when it comes to these campaigns!

So it is easy to understand that when it comes to speed, SEO companies have advantages. While in-house employees build their knowledge, an SEO agency can work immediately. Therefore, you are likely to see results quickly by using the company. Another consideration for businesses is the risk on their website. Remember that SEO comes with risks! Well, the chances of getting penalized by Google are small, but, nevertheless, it can be done. Such an event would be a disaster for the company, they should consider whether this is a risk worth taking. Their own employees can unknowingly put the entire company at risk by following SEO practices that they think are good… but of course no!

Again, an experienced SEO company has the upper hand here. They are likely to know the pitfalls in optimization and how to avoid them. Think about it, if they don’t, they will fall fast!

Finally, we need to consider the ROI the ad is expected to generate. Doing your SEO through existing users will require investment of time. This time may be better to work on the current company. But let’s say an entrepreneur is brought in for that purpose. It will certainly cost more in salary than the money needed to get the ad out from a reputable company.