Quizzes and tests are an important source for a student to know about their preparation. They can also learn their mistakes from it. The teachers also came to know about their way of teaching. There are different methods for making tests and quizzes. It has become easy to made assessments with the help of tools. The tools will act as a bridge between teacher and student. The assessments can either be formal or informal. There are unique tools that help to Learn Quran Online with Tajweed. Learning Quran with Tajweed is Christmas quiz compulsory.


The contrast between Assessment Tool and Method:


A philosophical and educational way to assess someone is called the assessment method. The assessment methods can be summative,5 Interesting Tools to Create Digital Quizzes Articles formative, and practical. A summative test is a type of test conducted at the end of the session and, the formative test is within the session. The summative test is the test of learning and, the formative test is called the test for learning. The Practical tests are the third type of assessment test. They are in laboratories. All the techniques which are to apply these tests are called assessment tools. It makes the test conduction easy.


Length of a Quiz:


The length of time duration depends on the type of quiz. There are lengthy or short quizzes. The time is adjusted accordingly. Most of the time duration selected for a quiz test is two and half hours or a maximum of three hours. It is the ideal time.


Parts of an Assessment Tool:


Some of the components of an assessment tool are:


  • The tools for the quiz consist of circumstances and conditions.
  • It also consists of assignments that are monitored by the learner.
  • The tool contains a profile that is used as evidence from the student.
  • The performance quality of the student depends on those evidence criteria.


Use of Online Quiz:


The online quiz is utilized in positive ways by the teachers. Some of these ways are the following:


  • The online quiz is a new way to learn things differently.
  • The students will get to know about the techniques of using online resources.
  • The students will learn new knowledge.
  • The teacher can also take the quiz during the lecture so to measure that students understand the class.
  • Assigning quizzes to the students is another way to help the students in increasing their learning skills.