The best way to experience Mongolia is to sign on to an overland Mongolia tour agency as public transportation is very poor in the country. For travel purposes usually, these 4×4 vehicles are used which includes a driver and a guide. Nights are generally spent camping under open starry night or at ger camps, ger is the traditional nomadic tent where tourists are welcomed to spend time with local people, who generally tell them old stories of Mongolian tradition or culture. To visit the capital and few countryside destinations a week is enough. However, you can save time if you fly domestically rather than travel by Mongolia tours road.


Ulaanbaatar is the place where nearly half the population lives, and this place is regarded as the cultural and economic heart of the country. The biggest attraction is the glass towers which attracts the attention of most of the tourist. The Mongolia tour agency in the city also features an excellent museum and some historic sight scenes; it is just walking distance from the central Sukhbataar square. The main attraction during the morning hours is a monastery where many monks gather for prayer. Another attraction that can be enjoyed by the tourist is the Bogd Khan Winter Mongolia travel Palace.

It is believed by Mongolians that here the last monarch kept many exotic stuffed animals on display there. There is also an old weapon that was once believed used by Ghengis, is on display in National History Museum. The city is full of restaurants, pubs, music venues, and nightclubs in the city of Ulaanbaatar. Kazakhs make up the majority of the population in this country. And the country is having natural beauty spread across all over, stunning landscapes, glaciers, jagged peaks, and colored deserts. Olgii is a place famous for its cheery market, and many people visit here for their expedition. Kazakhs are known all over the world for their falconry and have been into golden eagle festival Mongolia for many years.


Eagle hunting in golden eagle festival Mongolia is world-renowned and people from all parts of the world come to watch this. It is done in colder months, and if you are keen and want to experience this festival plan your visit to Mongolia for October – November months. Mountain biking and trekking are other excitements for which many people travel to Mongolia. These climbing expeditions are carried out in Nairamdal peak in National park. The view is breathtaking in the southern part of the Bogd National park.