If you decide to operate the laser die cutting machine in-house, there are many performance conditions and maintenance issues unique to laser machines.Laser die cutting machines use light instead of hard tools and hard steel blades. Therefore, your materials will react differently, and the by-products (smoke, particulate matter) in operation require different installation requirements and  Laser Cutting ventilation.

1.Temperature Control

A temperature controlled environment with low humidity is most conducive to obtaining the best laser stability. Lasers like to stay at ambient temperature, because unlike metal tools, lasers have some high-tech components in the laser cavity that are more sensitive to heat.

2. Space Requirements

Laser machines usually use an external air-water cooler, which must be placed near the machine. The chiller will radiate heat to the surrounding area, so you need to consider expelling the hot air from the building; laying hard pipes for the equipment; appropriately sized water pipes; and leaving appropriate gaps around the cooler to ensure functional stability.

For waste collection, the laser machine may also require a waste collection roller. You need pipes from the machine to the drum; from the drum to the blower; from the blower to the outside. If the exhaust to the outside is long, an additional auxiliary blower may be required.