Choosing a wedding photographer is often a confusing process. You want to find someone who will take nice pictures,Choosing a Wedding Photographer Articles but how do you know what to look for? Between all of the different types of photography, cameras and all of the different personalities of photographers, it can often seem an impossible task. This guide will discuss styles of photography, how to choose a photographer that has a personality you can live  corporate photos with.

Selecting A Style

The first point we will touch on is style of photography and pictures. There are many different styles which photographers use, and the decision rests upon your tastes. The two most popular styles used in wedding photography are “photojournalistic” and “portrait”. The two most common styles of pictures used are posed and casual.

The portrait style photographer should be able to take both posed/formal shots and casual shots. Generally, a photographer who uses this style will take more posed shots than casual because his/her experience has shown that couples’ tend to buy more of these shots. This is fine if you are such a couple, but you may run into problems if want more casual shots than posed. One way to find out if a photographer uses one type over the other is to look through his/her portfolio. The photographer that uses a photojournalistic approach usually takes shots that are not planned, and because of this they are usually casual. Often a photographer using this style has experience in journalism (newspapers, magazines, etc.) photography. The shots taken are often spontaneous motion shots as well.

There is a third type of photographer as well. It’s harder to gauge what type of pictures will result though, for this type of photographer is not a professional, and often has no portfolio. Whether it is a friend or relative, this person is a “hobbyist” photographer who will offer to photograph the wedding for free (or very low cost). Your pictures may or may not come out as well as if you hired a professional, and the best indicator in this case is experience. Just as with any photographer, you should interview and get references.

Your Photographers Personality

Wedding photographers have a reputation for being high strung and haughty. Not all wedding photographers are this way, but some are. Most couples are looking for a photographer that takes great pictures, but is also sociable while doing so. The best time to find out what personality your photographer has is in the interview. Ask pointed questions and gauge his/her reactions. If you feel as if the photographer is putting on an act for your benefit, he/she probably is. Trust your instincts! Ask for references and then follow up on them. Make sure to ask about the photographer’s personality. If the couple feels comfortable with the photographer and vice versa, it will show in the pictures.