If you are looking for a decent surveillance system to protect your home from intruders,How Do I Protect My Home Against Intruders If I Am On A Budget? Articles robbery, or theft, you better be prepared to spend at least $700 – $2,000 for a multi-camera video surveillance system. For people on a tight budget, that is just not an option. Unless you buy a rottweiler, there is a system on the market that will protect your home for less than $200 called the Voice Alert Home Alarm  Govt Job Alert System.

The Voice Alert Driveway & Home Alarm System is a new, annunciation style system that uses wireless PIR (passive infrared receiver) sensors, transmitters, and a remote receiver/speaker base unit to surround your home with an invisible field that will detect and alert you to the location of anyone that comes on your property. An Annunciator is an electrical signaling device that is mostly used in hotels or offices to indicate the sources of calls on a switchboard; so they know what room number is calling. The Voice Alert uses a similar system to notify you as to where on your property the intruder is located.

The Voice Alert Driveway & Home Alarm System uses these tiny Sensor/Transmitters that detect motion or movement, and heat, up to 40 feet away. The Voice Alert detects movement by the change it causes in the background temperature, then, it transmits a radio signal to the Receiver/Speaker base station that movement has been detected. In English, this means if some punk hops your fence and tries to break in, the Voice Alert will let off a pre-recorded alarm in your voice!

To set up the Voice Alert, you record your own voice alert messages depending on which area of the property you are covering. When the sensor detects movement, you are then notified with your own voice message. The Voice Alert allows you to record a maximum of six messages, and an unlimited number of Sensor/Transmitters can be installed, and assigned to those six zones. Each different message can be set to cover a specific area or zone of your property.

When a person or vehicle crosses in front of the Sensor/Transmitter that you discretely place along the side of the driveway, the Voice Alert base station will warn you that there is, “Someone is coming up the driveway,” while zone two could be to monitor your pool area if children get near it, “Children near the pool!” Set a third Sensor/Transmitter to monitor the side door to your garage. You can set the Voice Alert to not only warn you to; “Check the side door,” and, you can also send a relay to turn on a light near the door to help scare away the intruder!

The Voice Alert can monitor all six zones simultaneously. Users can alter their messages and place the wireless Sensor/Transmitters wherever they wish. A light on the base station will also light up to tell you which zone the Sensor/Transmitters detected movement. You can have an unlimited number of sensors per zone for larger properties.