At Stellar we deliver cutting edge technology to our clients across the globe,Hard Disk Data Recovery Services by Stellar in Mumbai | Vashi Mumbai Articles this is why we have more than 1,000,000 fully satisfied customer across 137 countries all over the world. We are in data recovery since 1993 and received a number of awards for our exceptional fast and successful data recovery products and services. We are the only data recovery company in India which has Class 100 Clean Room Laboratory at our Gurgaon data recovery service malaysia Office. So we can ensure our customer for the 100% data recovery capability. In the world since 1950’s we are using Hard Disk, and hard disk manufacturers are regularly working on cost reduction, data transfer rate, storage capacity, checks for internal errors and performance techniques. We always keep our data recovery technology updated with hard disk manufacturer so we are fully capable to recover our client’s data. Stellar has data recovery services in Vashi.In the past some years hard drive technology has become very advanced and these are designed self-monitoring the performance and health by keeping a track record to verify its data, if it finds some sector failed then the drive removes that sector from the regular use. After all these safeguards hard disk can fail due to the physical reasons like sudden power off or overheating of hard disk due to the fan failure.