Often, day trip itineraries and schedules are designed to allow divers to choose their favorite local dive sites. With 2 or 3 dive options, he can choose the trip that suits him best. Excursions usually include hotel transfers, one or more instructors, tanks, weights and belts, lunch and three to four dives – depending on date, destination and vessel.

Two-day tours are also available, usually including 7 dives, hotel accommodation and meals. they are similar to mini liveaboards

Almost any time of the year except November, Koh Tao has excellent diving weather and visibility can exceed 40m. The average visibility is about 15-20m. Visibility is limited and the sea is choppy in November, but the diving is still good compared to many other destinations.

diving training

There are a large number of dive operators on the island offering BSAC, SSI and PADI diving courses. The diversity of marine life is amazing.

The dive site is often referred to as the treasure of the Andaman Sea, and that alone is enough! Considering the spectacular wildlife in this place, it’s worth the extra effort.It is accessible by liveaboard from Khao Lak and Phuket and a day cruise from Khao Lak. The Andaman Sea or the Gulf of Thailand?

The best diving site in Thailand is the Andaman Sea in the country’s west. Seventeen marine national parks cover 62% of coral reefs2. Visit from October to April – all marine parks (covering the best diving areas) are closed from May to mid-October, and sites such as the Similan Islands are closed. Even in the regions that are not closed,In fact, thanks to rafting on many islands, you can often see a wider variety of marine life in sheltered, shallow waters. The Scuba Diving Thailand Similan Islands are an archipelago of nine uninhabited islands located approximately 90 kilometers northwest of Phuket. The east and west sides of the island are very different.

diving from May to September is not as good as it is when it rains. During this period, it is best to visit the Gulf of Thailand in eastern Thailand.The dive site is at the southernmost tip of Ko Similan, and the main attraction is the wreck of the Atlantis submersible that sank (ironically) in August 2002. The boat was very excited, the bow was in shallow water, and the stern was watering the slopes in deep water.

Many centres offer cheap accommodation (sometimes called free accommodation, but this is not the case as you usually get a discount if you live elsewhere). Diving packages are designed for those who want to stay longer or who come to Thailand exclusively for diving. Dive operators or agents have a variety of packages with different accommodation costs.With over 2000 kilometers of coastline and hundreds of islands, there are reefs, walls, caves, rafts, swimming, sewers, shipwrecks, and pinnacles. Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and is easily accessible from most corners of the world. It has six international airports, but you will most likely arrive in Bangkok. Liveaboard

Liveaboard dive boats offer the opportunity to visit different locations for 3-10 days at a time. They often have to travel overnight to reach their destination.